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Arriving that early and expecting to be seen so far ahead of schedule is rude.

I generally advise employers who encounter really early candidates to stick to the original meeting time (and even to feel comfortable sending people away if there’s no obvious place for them to wait), assuming that it would inconvenience them to do otherwise.

Now the question is whether or not I should send it to his employer since even though it is a private message, he indirectly represents his company by attaching the name to his profile. I mean, yes, his employer would presumably be really displeased that he has their name on a profile that he’s using to send gross messages to people, but it’s not your responsibility to alert them to that.

You could, of course — and it’s weird that he doesn’t realize that — but unless you’re truly outraged (and granted, maybe the message is worse than I’m picturing), I’d just move along.

You don’t have any obligation to see people outside the specific meeting time that you both agreed to.

And certainly given your line of work, it makes sense to explain to your clients that they typically shouldn’t show up more than 5-10 minutes early to a job interview. If it genuinely makes no difference to you whether you see them early or not, I don’t think you need to teach the lesson by refusing to meet with people until the appointed time.

I tend to want to conduct myself in a very black-and-white, right-vs.-wrong way, which I realize can work well for some jobs but tends to conflict with my current one, which is all about working with human beings and their many idiosyncrasies.

Unfortunately for him, he left his employer on his profile.

Part of me feels like one of my duties is to demonstrate the importance of respecting another person’s schedule, and of maintaining a professional agreement (i.e., the meeting time).

So when I get an early arrival, I typically stay at my desk (which is out of sight of Reception) and come out only 5-10 minutes before the scheduled time.

You can absolutely do that and it can be really helpful.

You just have to be careful not to sound negative about it — you can’t sound resentful or like you’re complaining or eye-rolling.

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