15 winks dating sites

This is repeatedly emphasised in all the 15winks promotional material I reviewed in my research, and is evident in the capping of Firstmover positions made available to the general public.

One key difference exists between regulatory compliant crowd-sourcing platforms and what 15winks are attempting to do.

The 15wins Terms and Conditions claims a service launch date “on or before March 31st”, so I imagine more details about the 15winks compensation plan will be released before then.

Now compare that to the 15winks Firstmover launch partner program that allows you to participate in a revenue-share of all future subscriptions.

That side of the business looks perfectly fine, it’s an app service that can be sold to retail subscribers.

Complete details of the 15wins MLM compensation plan (as far as I can see) are yet to be released.

That said, 15winks prelaunch marketing material states that the value of a 24 month subscription to 15winks’ “Premium Service” is 4 ( a month).

From what I’ve been able to gather, users of the site upload 15 second video clips, which are then shared with other subscribers of the service (via GPS tracked dating profiles).

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