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Περα απο τη διασκεδαση ομως, λειτουργουν και ως φυγη απο την καθημερινη ρουτινα, προσφεροντας πολλες φορες και νοητικη ασκηση, παιχνιδια οπως το σκακι, Ταβλι Backgammon, νταμα, τα παιχνιδία στρατηγικής, τα παιδικά παιχνίδια αλλα και επιτραπεζια παιχνιδια οπως η Monopoly.

Μια αλλη κατηγορια ειναι τα 1001 παιχνιδια γνωσεων, σαν το Trivial, τα τυχερα παιχνιδια με χαρτια, οπως το ποκερ, το μπριτζ, ρουλετα, Super Deal game κ.α.

The story starts off when two American video game otaku — Piro and Largo — hop on a one-way flight to Japan, then find themselves unable to get back after a credit-card-maxing shopping spree.

Piro meets an aspiring voice actress called Kimiko and awkwardness ensues.

In the interest of not spoiling the plot, we won’t get into the details of “The Book of Noodle,” but suffice to say it’s a tale involving crime, a shapeshifter, a way-too-easy dig at Arcade Fire fans, and a blood-soaked carpet. “The Book of Noodle” comes after a few weeks of Gorillaz being surprisingly active on the internet.We're gutted this isn't still on telly screens to be honest…Catch East Enders tomorrow at pm on BBC One.We’re still waiting for a new Gorillaz album to surface, but the high-concept project has just shared a new multimedia story on social media.Naturally viewers were shocked by the treasure trove find and raced to comment on the timeless vid.One person noted: "A mop of hair doesn't suit Jake Wood - I actually think he looks better bald to be honest.""Funny, he seems to be a little bit less ginger now," another added.

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