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Sadiq Khan has commissioned his own assessments of the impact of Brexit on the economy after the Government admitted it has done no such studies itself.

The Mayor of London said he had been forced to act by the “outrageous” omission and has requested comprehensive studies on the effect that Britain leaving the EU will have on nine key economic sectors.

Former prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were quite right in recent interviews to say that now is not the time to be talking about another referendum, but that it must be open to the British people to change their minds as the implications of Brexit become clearer.

It is also interesting that Sir Vince says in his interview with us that the mood among crossbench peers – the non-aligned members of the House of Lords – appears to be shifting on the question of a “referendum on the facts”.

It is becoming increasingly clear that we will leave either with a bad deal or without a deal at all.

The question might then become whether or how Brexit could be softened or prevented altogether.

Those who want to persuade their fellow citizens that the UK should at least stay in the single market, if not abandon Brexit, must think more deeply about how to make their case.

That in itself is a high-stakes game, with the UK Government appearing to go backwards on all three fronts this week: on the financial settlement, reciprocal citizens’ rights and the Irish border.

Among those to be assessed are financial services, construction and the creative industries, all of which are likely to be significantly affected by Brexit.

The other sectors to be covered are digital, life sciences, hospitality, culture, food and manufacturing, and science and technology.

He says: “They were asking about the basic reasoning behind it, how it would work, what the question would be.” These are, however, questions of procedure.

As is the fuss in recent days over remarks by Lord Kerr, first reported by , about the reversibility of the UK’s notification under Article 50 of its intention to withdraw.

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