Adult baby camp

The computer engineer advanced over 6,348 people and took seventh place, winning 5,229.And on Stan Newman’s Crossword University cruise to Cozumel, Belize, Guatemala, and Key West in 2004, one participant, Donna Levin, was inspired to create her own puzzles, which she has since sold to , and other publications.All stories here are property of this site and it's members who wrote them.

"We learned that by tweaking one variable, it makes a huge difference creating the ultimate bottle," explains camper Paul Burek, who attended the camp in 2006.

Everyone stays in the same hotel, shares meals, is shuttled to the studio, and hangs out together at night.

"We're not spawning fans," says Hofstetter, who has stayed in touch with Bad Company's Simon Kirke.

Gary Hofstetter, president of a private equity real estate fund in Boston, describes himself as a "suit on State Street." That’s quite a change from the late 1960s and early 1970s, when he was a wild-haired, rock-loving roadie for local bands in Upstate New York.

But as the years advanced, he tucked away that part of himself for different kinds of gigs, like a career, marriage, and a child ("Dylan," named after Bob).

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