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Snowden Are Respectfully Invited to attend a Birthday Party At Mr.Samuel Alberts of their daughter on Monday Evening.The idea also appears in a 1978 genealogy of the Greer family of Ohio, which states that "After the Greers had settled in Knox Co., Ellen [Cooper] stayed with them until she married Tom Snowden, an entertainer whose musical gifts inspired Daniel Emmett to write 'Dixie.'" Evidence does place Emmett where he might have encountered, or even played with, the Snowdens: His grandparents' farm neighbored the Snowdens', his father may have shoed the Snowdens' horses, and his birthplace later became the Snowdens' church.

Their instruments were common for the mid-19th century, and most were store-bought.

On his death in 1923, one of Lew Snowden's boxes contained a newspaper clipping that named Emmett as composer of "Dixie" and a framed picture of Emmett with "Author of 'Dixie! Thomas Snowden, a freed slave, and Ellen Cooper, a house servant, met and married in Knox County.

They had nine children, of whom seven survived infancy.

They gathered their repertoire from sheet music, mail order, library songsters, and by playing with other musicians.

The Snowdens could not read music, so they learned everything by ear.

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