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On the nights we weren’t on the road we’d retire to my place where, when the mood struck, we’d have sex or compose music, but always quietly, so as to not disturb my mom and dad sleeping in the adjacent room.

She and I — the singer/songwriter/lover duo — were anchored in, but every few months the trombone player would quit or the drummer would get kicked out, and we’d be scrambling again to fill out our lineup.

Unsure about how to proceed with him, I retreated away instead.

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In the early morning hours, we would eat coffee ice cream and plan our next tour, surfing the web and sending out email solicitations for new venues, new vans, new band mates. Fresh out of college and with no discernable professional skills, we didn’t have enough money to get our own place, let alone pay the members of our band.I promised the administrators I’d write the campers an original musical. So, like, when you compliment them, you also want it to be a little bit of an insult. “The problem, of course, is that everyone at the bargaining table is a Jew.” He burst out into a comically wicked cackle. I was surprised, and a little put off, by the locale: Manicured lawns, manicured tennis courts, all in the middle of a perfectly manicured town.They promised me I wouldn’t have to share a bunk with the kids. So I might say to a girl, ‘I really like your shoes, they look really comfortable.’” We entered the vehicle. Abe was earning the same, plus a small referral bonus for bringing me on board. This wasn’t the platonic ideal of a New Hampshire summer camp; this was the suburbs.Jake and Aaron were the first counselors to properly introduce themselves. I had never seen anyone fall apart like that before, so I never saw it coming.I was first alerted to his questionable mental state by Marni, one of the younger counselors. I dismissed that complaint immediately; in the year I’d known him, Abe had always been a bit curmudgeonly. Then one day, after holding preliminary auditions for one of the plays, Abe pulled me aside to talk.

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