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Traditionally, a UTV is not designed for racing or bumping along backcountry trails.The engine is more powerful for towing or pushing with less pep than a traditional ATV.If you're part of a family with little kids you won't all be riding the same ATV.Perhaps you stay at home while a bunch of friends go riding every weekend and now you want to join in the fun.Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha and Polaris manufacture well-built and reputable ATVs in all engine sizes.

Photo: Yamaha Motorsports Age and experience level determine the best ATV for you. It is a fast growing sport and smaller ATVS in both engine and actual size are readily available.Jumping on a dirt bike for the first time and riding off in the sunset is much less likely to happen when compared to grabbing the controls of a quad and being able to roll out in five minutes.To get the maximum enjoyment out of your ATV it is best to buy an ATV based on age and experience.This gives you enough power to have fun and push your limits but not too much power where you might get hurt.If you're looking for an ATV for work or plowing then a UTV or Utility Terrain Vehicle is the best choice.

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