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, what people consider to be acceptable may have its limits.

"The individuals involved, if it's proven the exploitation occurred, will be banned." But when the issue of age play has surfaced, as it has on numerous occasions in the forums, Linden Lab has taken pains to address the more complex issues that the behavior raises.

"There are people in ('Second Life') who are role-playing (as) children engaged in sexual activities," Harper wrote in the forums.

"While not a terms-of-service violation--no illegal activity--it could be argued that this behavior is broadly offensive and therefore violates the community standards.

If this activity were in public areas it would be viewed as being broadly offensive, and therefore unacceptable." A teenage girl and her 'daddy' In an interview with CNET last week, Harper said that if a critical mass of "Second Life" participants were to ask that something additional be done about sexual age-play, Linden Lab would tackle the issue in some way.

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Customer: if it involved adults from different states talking does that make a difference?

one pretends to be underage JA: In what state did this occur?

Customer: texas JA: Have you talked to a lawyer yet?

"We've tried very, very hard not to broadly ban role-playing type behaviors," Harper said, "because when all is said and done, the ability to try new behaviors and try new things out is a big reason people are in virtual worlds." Still, it's not clear how often people are engaging in age-play types of pretend behavior.

But two "Second Life" players told CNET about their experiences witnessing sexual or sexually charged age-play.

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