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Research shows that Greek Cypriots have differing attitudes towards the two varieties of Greek.SMG, for example, is associated with schooling, professionalism, prosperity, and modernity (Papapavlou, 1998), whereas GCD, the native language of Greek Cypriots, is deprecated by its speakers in formal settings (Papapavlou, 2001) and even in contexts where social class issues and formality are not salient (Sophocleous, 2009).When it comes to social attractiveness and solidarity-related traits (e.g., warmth, humour, friendliness, kindness), dialect speakers often receive more positive evaluations than their SMG counterparts (Sophocleous, 2009).Interestingly, young Greek Cypriots seem to have positive attitudes towards GCD nowadays; this might be because GCD is now more evident in local TV series, and also because young Greek Cypriots use hyperdialectal forms of GCD as part of youth slang, which is emblematic of youth identity (Tsiplakou, 2003).GCD and SMG are used interchangeably by the same speakers; the former is generally used in informal oral communication, whereas the latter enjoys more prestige and serves formal functions.Numerous English loanwords began to enter GCD when Cyprus became an English colony in 1925, and many are now well assimilated into the linguistic repertoire of Greek Cypriots (Papapavlou, 1994).The game will look bland at first but it gets very intense when you're doing good.See how long you can last in this colorful rhythm game.

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As a contribution to the field of code-switching in writing, this study examines how Greek-Cypriot internet users employ GCD, SMG, and English in their Facebook interactions.GCD does not have a standard official orthography, and dialect writing has traditionally been restricted to folk literature, local play scripts, advertisements (Pavlou, 1992), and cartoons (Themistocleous, 2010b).All other kinds of writing are generally produced in SMG.This literature reveals that CS in CMC is not random; it may have discourse functions (e.g., emphasis, challenge, mitigation, topic shift, greeting, reported speech, etc.) and pragmatic/identity functions (e.g., to index social or ethnic identity).Androutsopoulos (2013) argues, however, that CS online still remains a less researched topic compared to other linguistic processes in CMC, and it is not yet well understood.

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