Aimee mann new single

Jonathan Coulton, a singer-songwriter who works a knowingly nerdy joke-music angle and who puts out music on Mann’s Super Ego label, shows up a bunch of times as a musician and as the co-writer of a few songs.

(There’s no comedy in Mann’s record, thankfully.) Ted Leo sings backing vocals even though these songs are aesthetically pretty far away from what he likes to do.

She’s singing about feeling sad and removed and not being sure what to do.

Her images are concise and poetic even when you’re not totally sure what they’re about: “Hip hip hooray, hocus pocus / With some magic, you can fly through the air / But when you’re the guy pulling focus / There are people who wish you weren’t there.” And she delivers them with a matter-of-fact frankness that makes them feel has an appealing family-affair thing going for it. Producer Paul Bryan worked on her last three solo albums, as well as the Both’s album.

Mann has spoken about how ’70s soft-rockers like Dan Fogelberg influenced the sound of the new one, and while many of us might take a soundbite like that as a warning, the warmth of that sound fits Mann’s calm, conversational voice beautifully.

It’s definitely a bit too on-the-nose to call an album , but Mann is an oblique and specific songwriter, one who doesn’t bother to meet audiences halfway.

That’s the sort of career that’s easy to ignore or neglect.

But if you look at everything Mann has done, that career is an absolute wonder.

The strings, whose part was arranged and conducted by Paul Bryan, were recorded separately at United Recordings Los Angeles by Ryan Freeland.Maybe that’s why the album has such a calm, serene Sunday-afternoon sensibility.Mann might sing about profound sadness, but the music is so lovely and welcoming and intuitive that it feels like a balm. It’s just one more collection of very good songs in a career full of them — though, this time around, the songs are even better they’ve been in the last few outings. #In300Days we can flip the house & senate & make a big #Blue Wave2018. I have committed to raising k from low dollar donors by end of Sunday (New Years Eve) to Dem @renato_mariotti to ensure he has the low dollar donor base and support he needs for his March AG primary. In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need political donations at all. The president is a moron and unbalanced AND a facist AND a white supremacist, and not reporting it that way doesn't mean it stops being true.

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