Alience dating

There's even a clip of a UFO supposedly attacking a Taliban compound, as well as 'sightings' in Peckham and Warminster. In the M5 clip, for example, the motorway lorries look like models.

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It has now been released by the Ministry of Defence but it is making it very difficult to get hold of the files.

Some people even believe this picture of Jesus' crucifixion - which hangs on the walls of the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Georgia - is proof that aliens visited Earth thousands of years ago.

In July 2017, new research was published that suggested "free-floating" earth sized plants could exist and that some of them may even be able to harbour life.

“I called my sister at midnight and I said, ‘Didn’t you have cattle mutilations on the 37 degree latitude in Missouri?

' "And she said, ' Yes' and we started looking more into it.

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