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I'm guessing this was to help reduce the cost of these sheets and made them easier to store since some of the original assembled sizes were of a fair size and printed assembled on one sheet would have made them rather large. 400a&b but I wanted to show that sometimes the numbering system these printers used could get a bit confusing when "hunting" or collecting.Schrieber produced another Proscenuim sheet with a similar number - see below Schreiber also made a Paper Theater Sheet No.400c, pictured above - not to be confused with the Rococo No.400 a&b.I even found an example of this theater at an auction site where the entire theater was made narrower (maybe to avoid the odd top strip or simply because the other images that person had required a narrower theater)???The top two examples seem to include the entire theater sheet.If you take a close look along the top bar where the cherubs are you will see a definite division where the two parts of the strip just don't join well and the pattern's flow is broken.

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I was able to repair this color glitch on the assembled digital version I created and was quite please with the final result - I hope you agree.

to take part in the Tour de France this year, fans and experts alike have been touting Samu Sánchez as a possible overall winner come July. "I know that I can win a Classic, a six-stage race, that I'm quite a complete cyclist, but to win the Tour... I can't be consider a Tour-rider like Armstrong, Indurain or Alberto.

"To win the Tour is too big an ask", he said honestly to el Diario Vasco yesterday.

The bottom two examples have been made into narrower theaters where the 2-part cherub strip was shortened so that all the side edges form a straight line; rather than the arched section being slightly shorter.

Apropos of the Sitges Festival, Since the drafting of the cultural supplement of El Pais they write about the latest film by Andrzej Zulawski, What, After fifteen years, Returns to film an adaptation of Cosmos.

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