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Barbra Streisand and Otto Preminger, the famous movie director, were among a hefty list of celebrities who now visited the Cheetah to see HAIR.

I was ouside the performance area and witnessed Preminger leaving the show early, huffing and puffing through the lobby, with "I want an intermission, I want an intermission!

Looking to see the name of it, Jim Rado said to Jerry Ragni, "What an odd title for a painting...

But after a 6-week run, Joseph Papp was done with it." When that engagement finally lumbered to a close, Jerry, Galt and I had an adventurous plan.Based on what we saw on the Public Theater and Cheetah stages, Jerry and I had rewritten the text, and, with Galt, had added 13 new songs, expanding the score from 20 to 33 numbers.In college he majored in Speech & Drama and became a songwriter. He moved to New York City, but it would be another 10 years before he would write a fourth musical for the stage.He co-authored 2 musical shows at the University of Maryland: "INTERLUDE" and, a year later, "INTERLUDE 2." After graduation, followed by two years in the U. (During that intervening decade, besides holding down a "make-a-living" job, he wrote pop songs and recorded his own band, known as "James Alexander and the Argyles," and he began to study acting in earnest.) Upon meeting Gerome Ragni, he saw some of Jerry's poetic writings and asked him to collaborate on a new show. One day they were in the Whitney Museum of Art on Madison Avenue, going from painting to painting, when they came upon a rather unique one by an American artist, Jim Dine.

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