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Daisy Ducati, 25, describes herself as a "professional succubus" on her Twitter profile.

She is a porn star and a dominatrix, with a specialty in "fin domming," the practice of financially controlling a client.

So he would give me money and he would buy me latex, which tends to be kind of expensive. It's all negotiated and consensual, and we discuss it in advance.

All he wanted in return was to see me wearing the outfits. I actually have a financial application that I make people fill out to feel out what they can spend, where they're coming from, what their fetish is, before I start engaging with them.

You're demanding money for just paying attention to them. I would be like, "Hey, if you want to talk to me, you better go to the ATM." And they would.

Sometimes people don't even buy the champagne rooms, they don't even get the time, they just give you money because you exist and you're pretty.

The difference between financial domination and other types of sessions is that most sessions are about fulfilling a fantasy for people and they tell you to do a thing, whereas with fin domming, it's more about a person paying you just because they know it makes you happy. They're not buying anything — they're just giving you the money because they want to give it to you and you want it.I've had one guy for about two years now, an online client. Earlier this year, he bought me 15 pairs of shoes, and he'll send me money and sometimes he orders custom videos, but he just likes spoiling me. It's about income, dependents, what their budgets look like, what they're willing to spend, whether they're more interested in gifts or cash, just to feel out where I can go. 1 quality [that makes a good fin domme] is confidence.And I will say that I'm currently typing on a shiny new Macbook Pro that was gifted to me today. It's not just about asking, but about expecting to receive, and also not pandering to the people who are potentially going to give you money.So I'll send them pictures or I'll tweet, "So-and-so sent me X amount of dollars." Sometimes they like the competition element of knowing they sent more money than someone else and knowing that my other fans are hearing about them.The [fin dom clients] definitely tend to have a lot of money, but it's not a requirement necessarily.

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