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and whether they think they’ve gotten through to anyone: What is the most common no-no you have pointed out over the years that people seem to do? What we try to hide rather than confront and manage is usually the thing people notice first about our shape.

Stacy: I still think people (women in particular) believe if they ignore a problem area of their body by wearing oversized, shapeless clothes, that problem area will magically disappear. Finding tricks to create flattering body shape is the key to style.

“I’m proud of the work we’ve done and the lives we’ve changed,” Clinton Kelly tells PEOPLE of his 10 seasons on the TLC show.How often do you hear from people long after they appeared on the show – and are they applying what they’ve learned?Stacy: I’ve heard from so many contributors on and off throughout the years.Most keep in touch to show me how well they’ve kept up their style or ask questions but some like to taunt me with their less-than-stellar accessories choices on Twitter. Clinton: I keep in touch with about 100 former contributors in one way or another.As far as keeping up their appearance, I believe in the rule of thirds: One third stay looking fabulous, another third try with mixed results and the last third immediately revert to their old ways.

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