Armenian huswife chatting

O what were man, might he himself misplace Sure to be crosse he would shift feet and face.

Drink not the third glasse, which thou canst not tame, When once it is within thee ; but before Mayst rule it, as thou list ; and poure the shame, Which it would poure on thee, upon the floore.

Much lesse think we it meet to seek the recommendation of the Muses, for that which himself was confident to have been inspired by a diviner breath then flows from He/icon.

THE PRINTERS TO THE READER dedication of this work having been made by the Authour to the Divine Majestic onely, how should we now presume to interest any mortall man in the patronage of it ?

Shall I, to please anothers wine-sprung minde, Lose all mine own ?God hath giv'n me a measure Short of his canne, and bodie ; must I finde A pain in that, wherein he findes a pleasure ?Stay at the third glasse : if thou lose thy hold, Then thou are modest, and the wine grows bold.We conclude all with his own Motto, with which he used to conclude all things that might seem to tend any way to his own honour ; Lesse then the least of Gods mercies.IX * * * * n*^**^** The Temple * THE CHURCH-PORCH Perirrhanterium whose sweet youth and early hopes inhance Thy rate and price, and mark thee for a treasure ; Hearken unto a Verser, who may chance Ryme thee to good, and make a bait of pleasure.

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