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Ashley forgave her real father just before his death, and vowed that John Abbott would never find out.

Only Dina, Jack, Jill, Katherine, and Victor know the secret of Ashley's real parentage to this day, and John never found out before his death.

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Both their father and brother Jack seemed to favor Ashley, the beautiful and brainy sister, more than the shy and overweight Traci.

Their mother Dina had abandoned them for Europe when they were children, leaving them to be raised by John and his housekeeper, Mamie Johnson.

Then former country club tennis pro Brent Davis returned to town and began an affair with Dina's friend Katherine "Kay" Chancellor.

Deciding to fight for Victor, she tried to pair Ashley with Victor's brother Matt Miller. Nikki and Victor separated, and Ashley and Victor were in love.

When Victor learned that Nikki had an incurable disease, he returned to Nikki to try to make her remaining days happy.

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