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The species was determined “readily available” in the markets of Calcutta, Delhi, Mumbai, Amritsar, and Haridwar by a survey conducted by TRAFFIC India in 1997 and is considered one of the most common medicinal plants traded in Delhi. costus is so readily available and abundant that very large quantities can be procured on demand within markets and stores with their main customers being large and small pharmaceutical companies. The species was included in Appendix II as early as 1975 and increased list placement in Appendix I with effect. costus is one of the most threatened medicinal plants of Kashmir Himalaya.According to CITES trade data, China and India are the main exporters of the product itself with Hong Kong following close behind as a noted re-exporter. This species is threatened due to the unregulated collection, over-exploitation, illegal trade, and loss of habitat.It has a large number of names in other languages, including kustha in Sanskrit; kust or qust in Arabic and Persian; kut, kur, and pachak in Hindi and Bengali, kostum, gostham, and potchuk in Tamil; upaleta and kur in Gujarati; kot or kust in Punjabi; changala in Telugu; sepuddy in Malayalam; kostha in Kannada; kuth or postkhai in Kashmiri; and kosht (קשט) in Hebrew..This is why they thrive so abundantly in the Himalayan Region which is very mountainous.The common form of the roots can be either found as an essential oil, a ground powder, or as a dried stick.Another use for the plant is within incense sticks.An essential oil obtained from the roots is used in perfumery, incenses, and in hair rinses.

Habitat destruction in the form of recreational activities and urbanization is as well limiting its ability to be cultivated, again decreasing global yield of this product.

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