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8106 Brodie, 282-2586 11am-pm; Friday, 11am-10pm; Saturday, 11am-pm Austin, like any city, is a conglomeration of neighborhoods and communities.While neighborhoods are defined geographically, communities are made up of people with shared interests – cultural, political, philosophical, ethnic, musical, culinary, whatever.

A rollicking little restaurant in an innocuous South Austin strip, Evangeline was opened in 2004 by chef/owner Curtis Clarke (whose elegant mustaches are almost as famous as his cooking).Special annual issues include the ' Best of Austin' issue, the Restaurant Poll, the Austin Music Awards, and the Short Story Contest – to name a few.The Commuter is exactly the kind of post-"Taken" aging-action-star part that Neeson could do in his sleep, and while he’s not exactly dozing through the script, it lacks his normal grizzled fire and drive.The name Evangeline comes from the title of Longfellow's 1847 epic poem that recounts the forced migration of French settlers from Acadia to southern Louisiana in 1775.The tragic heroine Evangeline became a Cajun icon; in 1930, a statue in her honor was erected in St. At Evangeline in Austin, Clarke and his crew continue the tradition, honoring the best of Cajun food and music.

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