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If the child figure is not at least somewhat justified in their accusations, it's not Calling The Old Man Out — it's just throwing a temper tantrum.

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(A common variant is when the parent can provide some kind of reasonable explanation for why bad things were allowed to happen that the child was not previously aware of.) It might result in a permanent break between parent and child.

It might even provide a powerful catharsis for the child figure, allowing Character Development to take place through resolving that Freudian Excuse, Parental Abandonment issue, or "Well Done, Son! What do you think has been going on for the past few years? how many times have you washed blood out of my clothing, and you still haven't figured it out? Too busy tryin' to see your own reflection, praying there was someone as disgusting as you in the world, so you could stand to live with yourself.

" Guy obsession the character has been carrying around most of his or her life. As noted, Abusive Parents will likely be on the receiving end, putting this on the far side of the Sliding Scale of Parent-Shaming in Fiction.

"You are completely selfish, and totally irresponsible as a father.[...]You have no education, you have no interests, you just do whatever reckless thing you want to do, whenever you want to do it, without regard for anyone else."Did Mom and/or Dad leave you without an explanation, only to pop up years later expecting hugs and kisses?

Are even YOU tired of listening to your Freudian Excuse? " Guy for a tiny crumb of respect really starting to get on your nerves?

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