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Lawrence Lessig: “Getting Our Values around Copyright Right” 8. Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller,’ ‘Muppets’ movie debut chosen for US Film Registry 2.

Wikimedia Nederland en bibliotheken gaan samenwerken 5. Lawrence Lessig calls Google Book Settlement a Path to Insanity 2. Open Content Emerges as Top “Technology to Watch” in 2010 6. DEN themadossier over vindbaarheid 12 January 2010 1. BBC and British Library to take joint approach to building digital archive 6.

When the copy’s no exception – Interview with Paul Keller 1. Staatssecretaris OC&W noemt Open Beelden als praktijkvoorbeeld van open video 5.

" Kate, 35, couldn't contain her laughter exclaiming: "Oh my goodness" before revealing that she has a Land Rover. The 35-year-old helped teach the children to use hessian bags and bamboo toothbrushes to save plastic. "I gather now you're on to the next thing." Ben, 40, who launched the British team in 2014 with Kate's support told the Duchess: "It's fantastic to see the work the trust has been able to put together, it's great to have your help with that.Kate Middleton joined a group of children in a lesson on environmentalism today (16 June).While discussing the environmental impact of plastic on birds the Duchess of Cambridge was left speechless when a cheeky student put her on the spot. Gevolgen bezuinigingen op cultuur onderschat (pdf) 6. Geheugen van Nederland krijgt geen subsidie meer 25 June 2010 1. Vlaamse omroepen: Personal video recorder’s maken ons product kapot 5. Onbegrijpelijke woordenbrij Raad voor Cultuur in zijn Archiefbestel nota 2. Ascap zamelt geld in om copyleft-beweging aan te pakken 8. The Great Book Robbery – Chronicles of cultural destruction 10. Scholen kopiëren veel meer, kosten reprorecht stijgen 4. Rijksuniversiteit Groningen en Nationaal Archief maken ‘googelen’ in handgeschreven materiaal mogelijk 6.

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