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Hatch’s show develops a platform for individuals to voice their experiences, thereby creating a sense of agency in a situation where theirs was once taken away.

The young women confront the camera straight on; Hatch has given them the opportunity to reclaim their narrative, which is thoroughly empowering. Pictured Family album December 18 In 1974, Nicholas Nixon took a portrait of his wife and her three sisters with his 8x10 large format camera.

The pre-released batch provides a sneak peak into the high quality of entries in the open competition for the best single image, with striking aerial landscapes, intimate portraits, wildlife shots and stolen moments – like this one caught at a kite competition on Marseille beach in France.

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Meanwhile, Thomas Dworzak and journalist Julius Strauss retrace the steps of Robert Capa through Russia, Ukraine, and Georgia in Highlights include the work of Moises Saman and Marco Bischof, who follow the footsteps of Werner Bischof as he documented life in the Peruvian mountains, where he also tragically died in a road accident in 1954. Pictured: takes a progressive stance in supporting up and coming talent, and pools together traditional photography in parallel to contemporary formats and new media, showcasing installations videos and digital arts. Pictured: Drawing board 1 December Iranian-American artist Raha Raissnia grew up in Tehran during the 1978-79 revolution, and she often accompanied her father, an amateur photographer, on trips to the city center to document mass protests against the shah.Mirroring this early experience in her current work, Raissnia continues to take photographs of stolen moments.‘Alluvius’ – The Drawing Centre in New York’s solo exhibition of the artist – features two series of abstract charcoal drawings, inspired by Raissnia’s archival photography and found imagery. Pictured: Monumental imagery 30 November Throughout December, Marco Walker is showing a new body of work ‘Utopia/Dystopia’ in a private home in the heart of Mayfair.The show also includes his other large format documentary photography. Pictured: Fresh eyes 15 December Opening today, Photostart showcases emerging talent from the Australian Centre for Photography.The exhibition is collated from a wide range of student work, including portraits, landscapes, and still lifes.

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