Bertudung selfie dalam fitting room dating and webcam scams

How many times have you shared a dressing room selfie with friends to get their opinions?

Now, says Scott Emmons, head of Neiman Marcus’s Innovation Lab, there is a better way. derriere looks in an outfit — simply check out the video and see for yourself.

Dia masih lagi tak berkelip melihat Ijah yang berdiri di depannya. Thaqif berdeham bagi menghilangkan rasa malu ditangkap melihat isteri sendiri sampai tak berkelip mata. You’re out shopping and you’ve spotted a dress you like.You wander on over to the fitting room to try it on — only to find that it doesn’t quite fit. Will you slip into your old clothes, get back out there on the floor, pick the right size, and try it on again?Makeup stations at Neiman are also using these digital mirrors to record applications upon customer request.If you choose to, artists can now record a makeup tutorial on the digital mirror, even breaking it down into segments — cheeks, eyes, etc. Tinsley sees three important technologies as converging to enhance your in-store experience even further: RFID tags and readers, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence as applied to big data.

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