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This completely delightful wooden set will have your little one role-playing - and dreaming of frozen desserts - for hours on end.

It comes with six wooden scoops of various flavoured ice creams, four lollies (complete with jokes on the sticks) and various add-ons, including a magnetic wooden scoop that allows you to pick up the ice cream and pop it into a cone or pot.

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Buy now An intergalactic sequel to the planet-conquering hit You Choose!

The cash register, which “reads” the menus and produces appropriate jingles, is a particular crowd-pleaser, although dining options of tacos, burger, pizza or smoothies might leave a nutritionist grumbling.

Buy now Happyland products are a good introduction into imaginative play for little, chubby hands.

, in which young children get to imagine their dream lives - ideal homes, friends, family, outfits and meals - with the help of Nick Sharratt’s pleasingly simple illustrations.

This time, we’re choosing alien mates and space food.

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