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"If a cyclist experiences any discomfort, it is probably because they are riding for longish periods on plastic saddles, which are a bad thing because they make you sweat."They should be using a leather saddle. I've used them since the 1950s and I have never had a problem.

I go out and I do up to 70 miles in a day and I have two children."The report will also be of concern to parents.

We are constantly coming under fire with these sort of things.

The last one was the cycle helmets business, now it's saddles."This sort of scare-mongering will drive people away from the sport, which is actually very good for your health and for the environment."He did, however, concede that modern plastic saddles were unsuitable for long distance rides.

A reason for the growth has been the opening in 2000 of the National Cycle Network, which provides more than 7,000 miles of cycle routes thoroughout Britain.

Last year, 97.2 million trips were made on the network.

It was the position of the handlebars that seemed to have the most effect.

The family are eventually brought to a standstill in Manhattan traffic and immediately bikers run to attack the vehicle, smashing the driver's window with a helmet and attempting to smash the rear door window, where the child was sitting.The findings, published in the Bicycle Saddle Report 2003, are based on a study of 1,000 cyclists of whom 94 per cent said that they had experienced physical problems while cycling.Of these, 60 per cent said that the discomfort was felt in the genital area.For women riders, genital swelling was found to be much more common than previously realised.The report, however, said that it was impossible to calculate the scale of the problem because women did not generally raise the issue because of embarrassment.

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