Black diaspora communities dating

The colonial period, from the mid XIX° century up until the 1960s, contributed to creating strong, although very unequal, ties between Africa and Europe.The exchanges between the two continents were strengthened, and the colonization process contributed to the exploitation of the African Continent, thereby creating cultural and economic bonds which later on facilitated migrations and the creation of an African Diaspora in Europe.The nature of these ties is diverse: they can be political, economic, cultural as well as social and academic.Often, Diasporas are also linked to a “founding myth” related to their place of origin and to the conditions under which they were forced or urged to leave their motherland.

Among the members of this generation of migrants, the subsistence of ties with the country of origin and their nature is rather fluctuating.

If the cultural ties are, for the most part, very vivid, there is in general no plan of returning to the motherland, mostly because of the existing deplorable conditions.

The two ladder waves of migration are often referred to as contemporary diaspora.

Europeans captured or bought African slaves, mostly from West Africa, and brought them to Europe, and later on to South and North America.

The number of Africans who were shipped across the Atlantic is estimated to be around 12 million[vi].

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