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“I tried to do the right thing and actually give that girl some good advice and see what happens, she steals from me. During our vacation to Mackinac Island I went on an off trail hike with my four year old — we climbed a large hill. She has to be to put up with me, but this is kind of a disaster.Right in front of the hotel.” I’m convinced it’s bed bugs when my wife calls while Kai showers. tromped through the woods, and pretended to be explorers seeing everything for the first time. Fortunately, my wife is forgiving and conversation eventually moves to my wife giving me advice.He files his police report and the officer says the following: “Here’s your report.You need to eat some food and drink lots of water.” Kai triumphantly returns to the Vegas pool with his police report where the security guards tell him he got the wrong report and won’t let him in.Out pops a 13 year old in way too revealing clothes who says, “You want to come party with us?”Kai’s pulling out money to make sure he has enough for a taxi when the underage strumpet suddenly lunges for his cash and cards, sending everything spilling to the points", Tir : "adresse au tir global", 3Pts : "adresse à 3pts", LF : "adresse aux lancers-francs", Reb. Background on Kai, he’s one of the most ridiculous people in the world. Last year we were set to go to the horse races in Nashville, the Steeplechase, which is one of the most fun events of the year.

But in our defense it’s been a decade since we had to worry about sneaking anyone in anywhere. From here we can lounge and look out over the hoi polloi crammed into the larger pool.

We had a van scheduled to meet us at Kai’s apartment. And he didn’t even tell anyone other than his girlfriend.

At the appointed time, I’m running late so I get a phone call from another friend. He spent the night at her house and didn’t even alter the plans for where we were supposed to meet.

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M : "nombre de matches", TPM : "temps de jeu", Pts : "moy.

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