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If you want me to post your instrument please read this If this service has made you happy, please consider making a donation to my lute string fund! In March 2017 some fishy looking ads were submitted to me with pictures apparently taken from e Bay. I live in central, northern NC and can be reached at [email protected] The instrument can have cosmetic defects, but nothing that impacts playability or reliability (no cracks or internal damage). Bridge must be 155mm and action high enough so that there is no fret buzz. April 14 2013 Stolen 5-course baroque guitar by Julian Behr 2012 in Berlin on the 12th October 2016. Please contact me if you have any information: [email protected] 19 2016 picture picture Sept 5 2016: Lute and case taken from the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. please contact with any information: theorboy [at] 1.917.921.0526 August 28 2008 Lute stolen in New York City, on 12/7/05: 8 course tenor lute after Magno dieffopruchar by Grant Tomlinson, Vancouver, BC, Canada 64 cm, 17 yew ribs Still checking for the date of construction, but before 1997.

use Google image search to see if the pictures you are looking at are right. Looking for open/ resonating sound rather than warm and dark. 8 course lute, gut frets, carbon strings, made in 2012 by Wolfgang Emmerich. Any information please contact Robert Clair 2 rclair [at] elroberto [dot] com December 14 2005 AVIS DE RECHERCHE Disparu le 16/11/05 dans le train vers Nivelles, Belgique (terminus 21.29u) Guitare Baroque Dos et eclisse en poirier brun-roux Rosette en parchemin Touche et filet de table en ebene Cheviller sculpt Coffre Kingham Exterieur noir Interieur rouge bordeau Luthier Joseph Moreau contact tel /fax ( 32) 2 395 40 37 e-mail: [email protected] 120 pour aide honnete. The lute in question belongs to Marianne Buisseret, Hofstraat 247, 9000 Ghent, Belgium (tel: 00 32 9225 9576 contact email: [email protected]) and was recently stolen in Belgium from a lute maker's car.

Email: [email protected]: 46733746178 picture picture picture picture picture picture picture August 23 2017 October 19 2017 Theorbo by Van Der Geest (1983) Diapason 75/110. ,500 USD - shipping is included within North America. It's unique and the only one of it's kind by look and construction, thanks to careful combinations and architecture calculations and examinations, along with x-ray scans of constructions, of a wide range of instruments(lutes, baroque guitars, violins, viola da gambas...) Crafted with a combination of the finest quality Bosnian spruce, maple and plum wood which, along side with ornaments and engravings gives the instrument it's beauty,uniqueness and warmness in sound.

v=L9kpnw2Yf-8 for additional photos or information contact: [email protected] picture picture picture picture picture picture March 2 2017 October 11 2017 7 course, 58cm Venere Renaissance Lute by Daniel Larson - 2012. Cherry wood, Italian alpine spruce top with ebony binding, Cherry fingerboard with ebony binding. Excellent condition, comes with a bent plywood case. [email protected] picture picture picture picture October 6 2017 Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris 8-course student lute after Hans Frei (1530) Built in 2011 62cm string length asking $USA 3500 (or reasonable offer) Comes with custom-fit MTM Kingham case Portland, ME, U. Top: Hand selected Bosnian Spruce Back and rest: Fine maple Details, pins and ornaments: Plum tree wood Natural authentic glue The lute is in perfect condition.

picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture September 12 2017 For sale 13c Baroque Lute by Bernd Holzgruber (1982) String length 72 / 104,5, swan-neck, 2500 Eur with hard case plus shipping. Pictures on request: [email protected] 12 2017 Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris 8-course student lute 63cm string length asking $USA 1300 (or reasonable offer) Currently sells for about 00 new, this one is from the early 90s Comes in the original shipping box [email protected] picture picture picture picture September 8 2017 8 course lute, made by Stephen Barber in 2012. and modern guitars, I have rarely used this fine instrument since the 1980s. The instrument is based on a lute by Magno dieffopruchar, Venetia / 1609, which is currently in the Museo Civico Bardini (nr. This instrument is currently strung in Nylgut and Savarez NF strings. If you are interested I’m at [email protected] picture picture picture March 22 2017 Vihuela 6 course for sale. Val di fiemme's red spruce soundboard, rosewood ribs with holly spacers, maple neck and extension painted (extension is rosewood veneered on top), ebony fingerboard and pegs, pear and ebony bridge. It comes with a RCH wooden case and a Musicover waterproof hard bag. Anyway, it's located over the junction and it doesn't reach the vibrant surface so it's not a problem for the sound quality. [email protected] picture picture picture February 8 2017 Simple but such beauty 13c Baroque Lute. Verboam-style with ornate rosette and mustache bridge decoration. I have played this guitar in solo, chamber and orchestral settings for years and it has served me very well in all cases. 60 cm string length Very fine instrument and nicely sounding. v=jj3_n Ti UKEU Link to Photos Ff Lpg HYMgc6 Lute is now in France (Poitiers-Niort) Contact : Valéry Sauvage [email protected] 25 2016 still for sale January 11 2018 10-course lute Built in 1997 by Claude Guibord. Comes with a couple scuff marks expected in an instrument with a lot of stage time. Instrument is in New Hampshire, and I'll be willing to meet you anywhere within a reasonable drive.

Figured maple back and sides; Spruce top; Mahogany neck and head. This is a beautiful sounding guitar, currently strung with Pyramid nylon. It has an excellent sound and is very playable, but as a professional guitarist playing 19th-c. The bowl is made of 37 shaded yew ribs with rosewood spacers. Luthier: Gianluca Ceccarini Conditions: New Country: Italy Price: 2,000 € Photo: disponibili pronta Web site: 21 2017 Student theorbo after Magno Dieffoprouchar made by Marco Golinelli (liuteria d'insieme) in 2008. VERY IMPORTANT It has got a small crack on the upper part of the soundboard that the luthmaker made accidentally while he was opening the instrument to correct the action. Contact [email protected] January 23 2017 Baroque Guitar by Blackbird Music (Mel Wong), San Francisco, 2002. A couple seams or splits opened early in the guitar's life but have been professionally repaired and remain barely visible and completely stable. price: 00 Email: [email protected] in Salt Lake City, Utah picture picture picture picture November 1 2016 John Rollins 8 course lute for sale 2000 € - 1991 - with Kingham case Yew back, had a crack (see picts) but is now professionnaly repaired and the back is newly varnished. Located in Montreal, Canada Price: 3000 dollars Contact: [email protected](1(514) 778-8182) October 18 2016 6 course Vihuela da mano by Lourdes Uncilla Vilela (2006) extremely light and quick, with good projection and very comfortable to play. Maple back and sides, spruce top and ebony fingerboard Wonderful mother of pearl inlays on the front and back and comes with a Manzano made to mesure hard case. Price (with case): 3500 EUR The instrument is currently in Lyon For more info and pictures please contact Ulrik Gaston Larsen : [email protected] picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture September 17 2016 Baroque Guitar after Choco by Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris Beautiful sound and condition. I believe it is the exact one that is pictured on the Barber and Harris web site. More high resolution pictures available here: ,500 In Los Angeles, CA Contact: jyoshida04(at)picture picture picture picture picture picture September 13 2016 14c Theorbo 79/141cm made by Pascal Goldschmidt in S. Definitely an instrument suitable for a busy and varied concert schedule.

If you are looking at instruments to buy be aware that people don't always tell me when they sell their instrument. See my site and my ebay account to get an idea of my inventory. I am at home in Munich, Germany [email protected] 27 2013 I am looking for a good quality renaissance lute, preferably 7-courses.

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Contact Ariel Abramovich: [email protected] December 15 2017 6 course Vihuela de mano in a' by Marcus Wesche (2009) String length 55 cm. Lightweight, yew multi ribbed shallow body with veneered neck with holly lines, ebony fingerboard, pear wood bridge, stained maple swan neck, strung all in gut in f' a=415Hz, Kingham case included. Back of 11 ebony ribs, striped with golden rosewood; ebony fingerboard; ebony veneered upper neck; spruce soundboard with triple rosette. Price: 4800 € The instrument is located in Rome, Italy Contact: [email protected]: 39 373/7595748 picture picture picture picture picture November 18 2017 Archlute from Renatus Lechner (2015) for sale. The lute is almost not played in a very good condition. Price euro 3900 The theorbo is now between Swizerland and Italy (I travel in both places) [email protected] picture picture picture October 19 2017 Early Romantic guitar by D. Comes with a soft custom case made for it's dimensions. Peterburg, Russia (I can deliver on occasion personally to Estonia, Latvia or Finnland, otherwise to be shipped by post on buyer's account) email: [email protected] picture picture February 7 2016 I am looking for a 14c-15c theorbo in A with anywhere from 82cm-89cm string length. The LSA is looking for donations of lutes (the LSA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and your donation is tax deductible) and will also consider buying your used lute (esp.

Or look to see if the same instrument is on e Bay by another seller. March 21 2015 11-course lute for the French baroque repertory wanted: Should have good sustain and "singing" quality in the upper register, bass register not too loud and weighty, overall "delicacy" and intimacy of sound character preferred. Unique feature: two pickups have been glued to the face and there is an output jack. The lute belongs to a musician from Belarus on his first tour of the US and the loss is devastating -- 2 weeks into a 7 week tour. It was on its way to be cleaned up so it won't look as pristine as in the photographs, which were taken when it was made in 1984.

Now there is an RSS feed for this page - restored, mid 19th-century guitar made by Pierre Marcard. If this unusual electric lute comes across your path, please contact Jeanine at [email protected] 971-208-8947 picture September 11 2016 Theorbo built by Michael Schreiner (Toronto) 1998 # 542 , after Kaiser. picture 7 c lute, 60 cm string length, Label: Paul Thompson 1984.

The instrument is in perfect condition and has a spectacular sound that is increasing with the passing of time. This lute comes with a crappy plywood case, but it is the best-fitting crappy plywood case I have ever seen. European Spruce soundboard, 11 ribs of figured ash in a golden brown oil varnish. Contact: [email protected] picture picture picture picture picture June 21 2017 • 8 Course Renaissance Lute • Location: Hamburg, Germany • Contact: BARBARA FERLONI [email protected]• String length: 59.5 cm in G tuning • Maker: Barbara Ferloni. E-mail: [email protected] April 28 2017 still for sale January 11 2018 19th Century Guitar for Sale by Lourdes Uncilla 2013. Ebony pegs (without mechanism) and the bridge holding the strings with buttons, also made of ebony. The finish is natural wax for the top, rubber-lacquer for the box and lacquered in black for the neck. The Guitar is in excellent condition with excellent projection and tone. This guitar is in Melbourne Australia but will ship worldwide for around 0. The neck is possibly limewood with the head veneered with rosewood, turned boxwood pegs and a fingerboard of Black African Ebony. picture picture picture picture picture March 27 2017 still for sale January 11 2018 10-course lute by Lawrence K. Price including case: 2700 EUR The instrument is in the south of Germany: [email protected] June 25 2015 updated November 4 2016 1830s Lacote guitar built by me--Sterling Price-- in the workshop of Michael Thames, who signed underneath the soundboard. There are engraved ivory panels (made from ivory piano keys).

Picture Picture Picture August 15 2017 New Vihuela 2017 66 cm by Paulo de Carmo , 6 course, beautiful tone and great action located in New Hampshire, please email for more info or to 1900.00 USD plus shipping or local pick up email [email protected] picture picture picture picture August 7 2017 13 courses baroque lute built by Carlos González in 2004. Price: 5400€ Contact: 34.692.140.286 or [email protected] picture picture picture picture July 30 2017 7-course lute by Steve Roslund, 1999. (Names withheld to protect the innocent) 0.00 plus shipping. picture picture picture June 30 2017 still for sale January 11 2018 6-course lute by William Good, after Gerle, 59.7cm string length. Price: 3300 Euro Lute is located in Malmoe, Sweden. Six strings, with exceptional character, color and sonority . Maple back and sides (typically French construction of the time, like bow instruments), with pine-spruce top and ebony on the fretboard. It has a book matched medium grain spruce top with 11-rib domestic yew bowl joined with fillets in between. There is a scratch on the soundboard and part of the ebony binding has a gap.

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