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Of course, I'm appalled when I see a seven-year-old carrying a Playboy pencil case into school, and dismayed by the little girls, no older than five, who play in our park in sequin crop tops and horribly short skirts.But I don't believe there's any harm in little girls liking makeup.I can still clearly recall my own mum's dressing table from when I was a child, covered in perfume, face creams and make-up.The first time I discovered I was tall enough to reach one of its treasures was thrilling.She is being brought up in a society where shops sell padded bras to girls who have yet to grow a bust. Little girls love the colour pink and are especially fond of things that sparkle.

Carl Johnston, 44, is a TV producer who lives with his wife Rachel Halliwell, 40, a writer, in Cheshire and their daughters Bronte, 13, Merrily, ten, and Bridie, who will be three in June.

Back then, a mummy was what little girls wanted to grow up to be, and do you know what, when they're three, they still do.

Meanwhile, lip glosses were attached to comics when Bronte was a toddler, over a decade ago. I do understand Carl's sadness at his little girls growing up at what feels like break-neck speed.

‘This is smooth and soft because it’s freshly churned at the point of service with air incorporated, making it more like a mousse.

The texture, combined with the vegetable fat, emulsifiers and stabilisers make it robust.’ ‘The ice cream is made with skimmed milk powder and water, so it’s not very stable.

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