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After war came to region, my family went out to live in Russia.After hard bombing was finished our family decided that i need to back hope and look after house. Circle of my interests is very big, i like a lot of things to do! My requests are simple, I dont search for TV-star, king of beauty, etc.Since we met i think of you and it helps to hold on) At this moment i will finish my letter. ) for me it feels like i know you all my life already, maybe its because we understand each other so easy, where have you been before all this long time before?) Thank you for invitation, i would like to join you and spend great time together, at the moment my financial situation is taught and i cant pay trip myself unfortunately.If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money. In case you forgot me, i will mention for you again) My name is Irina, i live in the small city in Ukraine.

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i never asked for money before, i even sold my phone to get money, but now i have nothing for sale to have possibility to pay the connection with the most important persons in my life - with you and my parents(( i cant ask parents, because they have a difficult life out there in Russia, i must help them instead of asking their help. I still have chance to check my e-mail and see your letters again, but i will not able to use it longer anymore, i dont want to lose my job as well( sorry that i overload you with my problem, better i will finish and worry what will you answer. When will you send me your helping money to pay interent like you promised? Like i said before internet costs 100 USD for the month free visiting. You can send me money how much you can or how much you want for internet. Hello to you my lovely man I miss you so much, I want you, I wish to be together with you and make all our dreams reality.

we could spend so sweet time together, the most exiting is to make love, to kiss each other, all body in fire. You are the most romantic man i ever met before, you bring the sun for every day and i miss you so much in real life.

i know its a little naughty but i dont want to hide my desires from you, i dont want to hide anything from you, i want to open myself to you!!! I dont know what will i do if one time i will come and will not find your letter? When i was reading your letter i imagined each your word and the picture in my mind is so sweet, i became wet, if no one been around here, i would just start to masturbate on the chair.

by the way thank you for the photos, you are very positive sympathetic intelligent man. Guessing all your questions, i think general information about me you need to know) My full name is Irina Drozdova.

Friends name me Ira if you like too) I am 32 years old, so i am adult enough to say that i am ready for building family.

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