California attorney general sex offender website

View addresses of some locations in California where law enforcement agencies reported they found chemicals or other items that indicated the presence of either clandestine drug laboratories or dumpsites.Search domestic stock, domestic nonprofit and qualified foreign corporations, limited liability company and limited partnership information of record with the California Secretary of State. Search for California death records from 1940 to 1997.Search California State library databases including genealogy and local history resources, newspapers, journals, and magazine articles.These resources are available to California state government officials and employees and to all visitors in our reading rooms.Roy Matagora and Frank Lindsay, the plaintiffs in the suit, charge that they’ve not only been attacked as result of similar incomplete information on their profiles, but that it’s also made it incredibly difficult for them to find housing or employment.Mark Mc Bride, a defense attorney and certified criminal law specialist in California, believes the approach of drawing a direct line between the attacks and the database is a unique one.

“The real irony or the stupidity or extreme sadness of the situation is they have the information,” Janice Bellucci, president of the advocacy group, told State Scoop.The complaint charges that roughly 92 percent of offender profiles on the site “lack either the year of conviction or the year of release, or both, among other errors and omissions,” even though the department already has the necessary information to update the profiles.The suit claims that the incomplete profiles prompted attacks on offenders by providing their exact locations without accurate information about the nature and recency of their convictions.Additional California public records links can be found on our California county and city level pages using the navigation links above.Search for birth records recorded in the State of California between 19.

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