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“lady painters” — accepted by society because it was a pursuit that was “quiet and disturbs no one.”Art, in other words, doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

It exists within the power structures of society — structures dominated by men.

In 2015, Hebron did an analysis of Artforum covers by gender.

Since the magazine’s founding, only 18% of covers have gone to women.

But that doesn’t mean Artforum hasn’t featured essays by important theorists such as Rosalind Krauss and Lucy Lippard — as well as Nochlin herself.

Certainly, Artforum’s cover statistics have improved in recent years.

Women now regularly make up roughly four out 10 covers. Only in one year — 1992 — have more women been featured than men.

Shortly after the lawsuit was filed, Landesman resigned and the magazine followed up with a more contrite statement: “We will use this opportunity to transform Artforum into a place of transparency, equity and with zero tolerance for sexual harassment of any kind. Their statistics found that only 27% of those types of exhibitions went to women.“If we believed that women had equally important things to say, we would give attention to their work that is equal to the guys,” says Los Angeles artist Micol Hebron, who has also been a contributor to Artforum.

Regretfully, this behavior undermines the feminist ideals we have long strived to stand for.”Since then, five additional women have come forward with allegations of sexual harassment; the magazine’s editor in chief, Mi-chelle Kuo, has resigned (“In light of the troubling allegations surrounding one of our publishers,” she stated in an email to ARTnews, “I could no longer serve as a public representative of Art-forum”); and more than 50 staff members of all genders and across departments — including the magazine’s new editor in chief, David Velasco — have signed an an open letter on Artforum’s website stating that they condemn “the way the allegations against Knight Lan-desman have been handled by our publishers and repudiate the statements that have been issued to represent us so far.”But Velasco — who by all accounts has been sympathetic to female writers and critics — released a statement to The Times through a publicist: “The art world is misogynist. Also, racist, classist, transphobic, able-ist, homophobic. “If we think of the number of female students that have consistently increased since the inception of MFA programs, the rise of women artists should be much greater than it has been.”For four years, Hebron has led an art project called “Gallery Tally” that tracks the representation of women in commercial galleries.

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