Catholic online dating review

“You’ve got record numbers of unmarried adults, most of whom are busy and wouldn’t know where to start looking for a spouse.And you’ve got this new technology that allows people from all over the world to communicate.” The quaint dating techniques that sufficed for their grandparents and parents aren’t working as well for today’s singles, Bonacci adds.“The key factors are just laid out—height, weight, education, background, hobbies, religion.It took a lot of the effort out.” Single Catholics have an array of online options.takes it a step further, listing specific church teachings, including pre-marital sex, birth control, abortion, ordination of men only, and the Immaculate Conception. “I didn’t want to waste my time.” Detailed profiles facilitate the “sorting” process, Bonacci says.Members respond: “I agree 100 percent with the church,” “I agree with this teaching in principle but I question in some ways,” or “I disagree with the church.” takes a similar approach, asking about belief in papal infallibility and the Eucharist, among other church teachings. “It can take weeks or months of ‘regular’ dating to shake out the answers to those questions.“As a purchasing agent, I’m used to going to the Internet to find all sorts of things, so I figured, ‘Well, why not a wife?

“It was inevitable,” says Mary Beth Bonacci, founder of Real Love Inc., a Denver-based Catholic singles ministry.

“Because my faith is so extremely important to me, I believe I have the best chance in finding compatibility with others who are Catholic,” she says. “Our service is only for those ‘rare’ single Catholics who do not believe in Catholic dating and who do believe in courtship and find it hard to meet 100 percent practicing Catholic singles.” That doesn’t mean Ave Maria Singles will reject your profile if you believe in the ordination of women, but you may struggle to find like-minded individuals.

Most Catholic sites attract members with various degrees of fidelity to church doctrine—and various desires to marry.

If dating a fellow Catholic is a preference but not a requirement, singles often join larger, better-advertised secular sites.

But for those Catholics for whom shared beliefs are nonnegotiable, exclusively Catholics sites are prefered.

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