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The last day of school is tomorrow, finals, and I can't sleep again. More and more details about how I could tell her she's beautiful.

She doesn't think she is, but I will make her believe it.

"Hey," for starters would be alright, "nice weather?

" The distance between us was getting shorter and shorter, and I started to recognize her, maybe she was from my school?

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The fantasies with my mom, at Bear Mountain, fucking in the lake, in front of the campfire, in the tent, it became an obsession.

He fumes, "Dad is just a sad little man that wallows in his own self loathing and regret, he's envious of me, did you know?

" Cherie looks at him with frustration and annoyance.

It's not just her tats either, she has full breasts now to match her hourglass shape, she looks.. Just like one of the women from my erotica novels, she looks wildly feminine. I don't dare ask her, I see her look at me out of the corner of her eye as she reads her book, listens to her music with the headphones on. I lay in bed with my eyes open listening to her softly whimper and moan, and I feel myself get wet. I close my eyes and try to think about a man, but August's feminine voice makes it difficult. My best friend Blair liked to brag about her boyfriend, he's so handsome, so romantic, and she thinks he's the one I felt a little jealous when she showed me pics of him on her phone. I know she secretly loves to be the only one in West Valley High with a boyfriend in college.

We've had our arguments, and it's a shame, I wish things could be like they used to be, we used to be so close. "I'm in," she says to me, which signals me to turn the lights off. I think about her, and how if she wasn't my sister, we might have a little fling. I was so embarrassed I could barely make eye contact. I bit my tongue, like a good friend, and listened to how talented and smart he was. The next thing I know she is divulging intimate details, "he put his hand under my top, unhooked my bra," she whispered to me, "he felt my breasts and I had my first orgasm just by him touching my nipples! She told me the following week they were having sex! "His name is Mark," I lied, "he's a football player, he's tall, dark, and handsome." Blair hugged me with enthusiasm. She's better at soccer, her skin is like porcelain, eyes are green like mine but bigger and brighter like emeralds, and her hair is raven black, and her body shape is like an hour glass, just like a pin-up girl from the 50's.

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