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It was made in China a long time ago to be used as an iron for fabrics.

The longest tubular bead is 1 3/8 inches long and 3/8 inch in diameter.

This statue was originally brought from Brazil by a dealer/collector.

I bought this years ago to store some of my special beads in.

This is too small for me to wear (I can slip it on but it doesn't sit comfortably) so it has sat in its sculptural way in a display case along with other African silver.

There are 6 African silver rings here - in the book "Africa Adorned" on page 173 they say: "Rings, pendants and hair ornaments seen in the savannah regions today have been influenced by designs that prevailed in the days of the great empires.

The statue Iansa illustrated here is the Orisha of storms, thunder, lightning and wind.

Here are more, very fine, very delicate Pre Columbian beads from the Tairona people of Colombia.

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