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Also read: How Comedy Central’s ‘@midnight’ Cracked the TV Twitter Trend Chris Hardwick’s television career started with what was probably any young 20-something’s dream job: a gig hosting a talk show about sex and dating on one of the most popular networks among the demographic.“Singled Out” ran on MTV for just three years, from 1995 to 1998, and introduced the world to two of the ’90s favorite ditzes – Jenny Mc Carthy and Carmen Electra.In each episode, a young contestant would date three mothers, who would talk up their offspring as romantic partners.The contestant would choose who to take out based on their descriptions.Lots of forgotten reality dating shows have wild premises.How would you like to date a houseful of suitors in eerie metal masks?and its accompanying contractually obligated spinoffs sit atop reality television’s throne, other weird reality TV dating series have attempted to show people the way to on-camera love.

Aside from the obvious straight males and females, the show would also feature gay men and lesbians.

Also read: Comedy Central’s ‘@midnight’ Wants Jon Hamm, Shares Complicated Relationship With Buzz Feed “At the time it was very hard to go off and do other things from MTV, because no one really took you serious. ” The UCLA grad turned to standup comedy while trying to find a TV gig that would stick. “I started to realize that I was becoming a drunk guy who used to be on television, which I never wanted to be,” Hardwick told The Wrap.

What else do you do with like, ‘Oh, I host a weird game show about boobs and wieners! See video: ‘Eastbound & Down’ Star Andy Daly Turns Racist for New Comedy Central Series (Video) “I was drinking all the time and eating pizza at three o’clock in the morning – and I just generally looked sad.

"You could never pitch nerd culture shows 10, 15 years ago," he said.

has already aired several themed specials on BBC America, with guests like Kunal Nayyar, David Tennant, Simon Pegg and Nathan Fillion, and Hardwick noted that "theming" each of those broadcasts gave it a spine and gave "the show a jumping-off point." He hopes to do the same with the new series.

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