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Numerous Jewish and leftist German authors he published were banned soon after the Nazis took over in 1933, and many of the books by Lewis, Hemingway, and Floyd Gibbons that came out under Rowohlt's imprint were considered "harmful and undesired" and appeared on black lists as early as October 1935.

At the same time, as Wolfe noted in You Can't Go Home Again, "the eagerness, curiosity, and enthusiasm of the Germans for such good books as they were still allowed to read had been greatly intensified" (573).

Rowohlt had been alerted to Faulkner by his (illegitimate) son Heinrich Maria Ledig, an enthusiastic reader of American fiction.As the difficult work of translators is rarely taken into proper consideration (they have sometimes been called the unknown dray horses, or beasts of burden, of world literature), a few remarks about the three German translations of Faulkner's novels in 1935, 1936, and 1938 seem in order.Much of the background story will probably remain untold because the publisher's papers were accidentally destroyed by fire in 1970.Yet one must bear in mind that Faulkner's handling of dialect, the vernacular, and various idiosyncratic mind styles is notoriously difficult to render adequately in any other language.The book's dust jacket featured a woodcut of a turbulent summer landscape by Heinz Kiwitz, an expressionist artist with Communist leanings who had just been released from a concentration camp.

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