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As the teens prepare for Ivy League college representatives to visit their campuses, Blair uncovers a secret about Serena; Dan sets his sights on impressing the Dartmouth representative; Jenny and Eric hit it off; Rufus asks Lily a favor.Dan comes to terms with the fact that he doesn't have a university legacy even though Serena's parents went to Harvard and Brown.My parents didn't go to university and I was the second in my family to go to university, so I partially connected with him.There is a sweet scene where Chuck is in Blair's bedroom and says to her: ' So this is your bed'.O núcleo principal da árvore genealógica da família inclui o falecido patriarca William Walker (Tom Skerritt), a mãe Nora Walker (Sally Field) e seus cinco filhos: Sarah, Kitty, Tommy, Kevin e Justin.O irmão de Nora, Saul Holden (Ron Rifkin) auxilia nas questões empresariais e familiares.

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Season 2, Episode 4September 22, 2008When Dan starts getting friendly with new girl Amanda (Laura-Leigh), Blair carries out a sabotage plan while simultaneously helping Vanessa devise a scheme concerning a secret Catherine's been harboring.

Elsewhere, Lily finds it hard to stay away from Rufus.

Season 2, Episode 5September 29, 2008Eleanor gives Serena and her new socialite friend, Poppy Lifton (Tamara Feldman), front-row seats to her Fashion Week show, and this infuriates Blair.

Elsewhere, Dan takes a walk on the wild side and tags along with Chuck, and Lily discovers a secret of Bart's. Season 2, Episode 6October 13, 2008The gang visits Yale, Blair's dream school, and Serena suddenly takes an interest in the university just to annoy Blair.

While on campus, Dan discovers his recommendation letters weren't submitted; Chuck gets kidnapped by some Skull and Bones members; and Nate gets friendly with a female student.

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