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The CMS muon system has played a key role for many physics results obtained from the LHC Run 1 data.

The LHC will increase the beam energy as well as progressively increase the peak instantaneous luminosity in Run 2 and in the following years.

Additionally, the modules provide reporting to the Chancellor's Office, State Controller's Office, and internal/external auditors.

Accounts Payable - Tracks vendor and voucher activity. Receivables - Accounts for non-student payment transactions.

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Most marketers want to consolidate their marketing efforts into as few tools as possible though, so that they can spend more time producing content and doing their jobs, and less time managing software or moving data around.Read about the FY 09/10 year-end close process and timeline details in a memo from Brian Jenkins , Associate Vice President of Finance.The Finance System incorporates a series of complex account accounting modules which facilitates the tracking of governmental funds under the supervision of the State Controller's Office and the Chancellor's Office in accordance with GAAP and GASB principles.The move away from federal control to giving providers greater flexibility follows a push by the Department of Health and Human Services to do the same for states by urging state officials to apply for Section 1332 waivers to ACA requirements.Legislation is also moving towards giving states fewer restrictions in the Section 1332 waivers established under the ACA.

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