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The summer after my first year there, I took a trip to Israel.I had just six weeks of vacation until my second year of medical school would begin.Once this readjustment in thinking can be integrated at a deep level within, it finally becomes possible for a woman to realize her greatest potential.Once freed from the burden of wanting to be like a man, she is able to be a woman wholeheartedly.The graduation ceremonies from Judaism were held at gaudy Bar Mitzva receptions.There was more than plenty of good food, but nothing that lasted.In these intervening years, through exploring authentic Judaism, I’ve had the chance to discover a fact of life that was never disclosed to me before. It’s still very hard for me to accept that thoroughly, however.It will take a long time for me to adjust to this view of life, completely topsy-turvy to the one I’d been indoctrinated to hold up until then.

I could not understand at the time that the constant, un-surrendering force inside that kept pushing me onward and wouldn’t let me rest – was Jewish.

Then later on, we all heard stuff about how the status of a woman was inferior to that of a man’s in Judaism.

Someone once even showed us some Jewish laws to prove it.

All I knew then was that it couldn’t be the way for us to get somewhere.

Last time we saw each other, I was headed for medical school in South Carolina.

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