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Our highly trained admissions counselors are dedicated to assisting you through each step of the admissions process....The Women’s Program Staff are absolutely incredible.

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Customer service procedures are in place to accept and promptly resolve phone, email or written requests to correct or delete inaccurate information.Bankruptcies - All bankruptcies filed in the Memphis and Nashville Areas area. Trust Deeds - All Deeds of Trust filed in the Register's office. Warranty and Quit Claim Deeds - Warranty & Quit Claim Deeds filed in the Register's office. Chancery Court Filings - All lawsuits filed in County Chancery Court. Circuit Court Filings - All lawsuits filed in Circuit County Court. Federal Court Filings - All civil lawsuits filed in U. What personal information is collected about the individuals included in our searchable public record databases?Personally identifiable information is gathered from public records provided by state, county and municipal governments.The Daily News values your business and is committed to taking every possible measure to make our online process 100 percent secure.We house all our records in a secured facility and have the latest firewall appliances protecting our computers from unauthorized intrusion.

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