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If your property requires payment in full and the amount due on your account exceeds the max Visa payment amount, then Visa is not available at this time for you.

Please contact Alliance at 831.883.3157 for additional information.

To offset these costs, credit card companies have allowed businesses a limited use of convenience fees.

Because credit card regulations vary, occasionally a separate payment channel is required (phone authorization) and convenience fees may be fixed. Any payment that would be made to your leasing office can be made through Resident Portal.You will then see the list of payments options available to you as well as the convenience fee associated with each payment type.Businesses that accept credit card payments for goods and services must pay a fee for each transaction to the credit card companies.If your property allows split payments, you may pay up to the Visa max per transaction.Go back to the previous page, submit an amount no greater than your property's Visa max.

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