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/ photo: Vijay Verghese BRISTLING with cloud-tickling skyscrapers and sartorially keen investment bankers – not all leaping out of tall buildings fortunately, as there is money to be made in this energetic metropolis – Hong Kong has always been much more than a business hub.

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Slide Show E-mail Page Print Taxis in Hong Kong are inexpensive, safe and reliable.

Much of the appeal comes from its multi-sensory energy and ever changing personality.

Every street corner struggles for its own piece of the action that in turn defines the montage.

Trams, buses and the shiny, user-friendly MTR (Mass Transit Railway) all take change or a quick swipe of the city’s rechargeable electronic-payment Octopus smart cards (used to pay for virtually all public transport as well as convenience-store, supermarket and fast-food purchases). There’s no change returned – so do carry lots of coins, or get an Octopus card.

Pick up one of these at the Airport Express counter when you arrive or from MTR counters. Buses are a convenient way to get around, when it’s not rush hour.

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