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The follow-up, the action film Uncommon Valor, was also a hit, and while 1984's Misunderstood stalled, the next year's Twice in a Lifetime was a critical success.

Pfeiffer, who grew up in Southern California, explained, "When I was very young I never thought I was attractive, because I was a tomboy and I was always the ­biggest girl in the class." The surfer girl, who "used to do drugs" at high school was nicknamed "Michelle Mudturtle" for having big lips, and teased for walking "like Howard the Duck".So next day, he brought it in again and she drank a little more, you know.By the middle of the decade, Hackman was again as prolific as ever, headlining a pair of 1986 pictures -- the little-seen Power and the sleeper hit Hoosiers -- before returning to the Man of Steel franchise for 1987's Superman 4: The Quest for Peace.After co-starring with Al Pacino in 1973's Scarecrow, Hackman delivered his strongest performance to date as a haunted surveillance expert in Francis Ford Coppola's 1974 classic The Conversation and went on to tap his under-utilized comedic skills in Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein.Arthur Penn's grim 1975 thriller Night Moves and the Western Bite the Bullet followed before the actor agreed to The French Connection 2.

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