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23rd Squadron at Pajuostis was formed and al Mi-2s went to this squadron.Only two remained in service: one went to the aviation museum in Kaunas and two were transferred to the police..When we have the confirmation that the data is really coming from the Airport and you link back to us, using one of our banners, you will be a Member.During Soviet occupation, the Baltic Soviet Republic of Lithuania was not allowed to have its own military flying units.Only four remain in actual service, after returning from a major overhaul from either Kaunas Aviation, or Panevezio Aviacija. During the latest reorganisation, however, all operational Colts are concentrated at Zokniai.On April 18th, 1996, five ex-Polish Air Force Mi-2s were delivered to the Lithuanian Air Force.It took until December 1994 before the KOP left Barysiai for Zokniai (becoming the 1st Air Base). This changed in 2000 when the Air Force started to use two hangars and a headquarters was established at the airfield.Plans also existed to establish units at two other former Soviet airbases, Pajuostis and Kazlu Ruda.

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The Border Guard operates two squadrons with a variety of propeller driven aircraft, most of them formerly belonging to the DOSAAF .Let's search for those nice small airports in Europe! Of course there must be a reason why the airport and the destination is exclusive.All listed Airports will become a free-member from "Peter's Airport Guide" but should show the logo or banner with a link on their websites.However, the Soviets were still present at this time and it took till September 6th, 1991 until the Soviets recognised the country as an independent state.Soon after, on October 16th, the Krasto Apsaugos Ministerjia (Ministry of Defence) was established, creating the Karo Aviacijos Tarnyba (Military Aviation Service, later known as Air Force) on January 2nd, 1992.

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