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Polar dinosaurs have greatly perplexed uniformitarian scientists, as exemplified in the following comment by Michael Benton: ‘Should we now imagine dinosaurs as thermally insulated warm-blooded animals that ploughed through snowdrifts and scraped the ice off the ground to find food?’ These rocks are probably within marine sandstone, so according to the uniformitarian paradigm the nests are automatically said to have been laid at the seashore.The question of whether the K/T boundary and the extinction of the dinosaurs should be considered a synchronous event within the Flood will be considered.were probably giant killing machines (after the Fall, anyway).Dinosaurs have been unearthed on every continent, including Antarctica.

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(Their demise, of course, assumes that no dinosaurs are alive today, as some people believe, but which is beyond the scope of this review article.) The mystery is heightened when one realises that the dinosaurs were well adapted to their environments and apparently had a worldwide distribution.

Most of those that were fossilised go unrecognised by the untrained eye.

Dinosaurs, although creating the most interest, are but one group of animals that became extinct at the end of the Cretaceous (the geological timescale is used for communication purposes only and is not meant to endorse the geological column or time-scale).

However, the volcanic theory is still believed by a majority of palaeontologists. The unscientific behaviour of those involved in the meteorite paradigm change will be briefly explored.

Evidence that the dinosaurs died in a cataclysm of global proportions will be presented, such as the huge water-laid dinosaur graveyards found over the earth.

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