Dating a bald man

They can’t reclaim their masculinity by forcibly trying to regrow or offer the appearance of hair, since such preening is culturally considered a feminine ritual.Instead, David sees his baldness as a sexual asset of sorts.

Culturally, black men can “get away with” shaving their heads, whether young or old. What’s feeding the preconception that black men don’t sacrifice sex appeal and masculinity when they pull a Sampson on their scalps, while white, Asian, and Latino men tend to correlate dwindling sexual attractiveness to the depth of their receding hairlines?

When I started dating a bald man, the first questions my friends fired my way about him had nothing to do with his background, employment or interests. And after I would explain that, yes, he shaves his head, and, yes, there are active follicles up there, they’d typically marvel at his bravado for willfully joining the bald club.

Repeatedly, they’d bypass the pleasantries and skip straight to his hair: So, is he really bald, or does he choose to shave his head? I wonder how their responses would change if he had advanced male pattern balding and thus had no choice in the matter.

Message are everywhere saying that bald guys are unsexy and shlubby, baldness is awful, yadda yadda ew bald guys...

so yeah, that'll sink in and manifest when we're making our own decisions about who we'd want to get with.

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