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He then taught Religion and European Cultures for a year at Archbishop Walsh High School.For about three years, he spent time looking into the possibility of becoming an order priest with the Glenmary Home Missions. At least those three were located relatively close together.He then moved to Tonawanda where he, his sister and two brothers grew up.John attended All Saints and Blessed Sacrament elementary schools in Kenmore.He continued, “Sometimes your response is just being there because you represent God’s presence. Chuck’s opinion, “whenever you’re able to facilitate someone’s reconnection with or new awareness of God in their lives. I praise God for the grace he has given me to be understanding and compassionate, to meet people where they are and not place any unrealistic expectations on anyone.” To quote an old Jimmy Stewart movie, “It’s a wonderful life!You might not have anything to say, they may not want to hear anything but just being there, it means something.” He believes that someone considering becoming a priest should, “Know your heart. Like anything there are good and very rewarding parts, there are also challenges to the vocation. Christopher and then “un-retired”, as he put it, this past July to become Rector of St. You get a call to a hospital emergency room, you may have no idea who they are but they let you come in and share this most intimate moment.” Preaching is also something he enjoys very much. ” Having been told in the seminary to focus on being a parish priest, Fr.He was an altar server and had good relationships with the priests whom he encountered.When he was in the eighth grade he recalled that a vocations presentation was given and he thought, “Why not?

Father John is part-time chaplain at Collins Correctional Facility and he has been chaplain during the summer for Camp Turner.

Father Sal then returned to school in Rome to study Canon Law.

He worked at the Tribunal in the Catholic Center in Buffalo during the summers when school was not in session.

During this time he was also in residence and assisted at Blessed Sacrament Parish in Buffalo.

Father Sal still practices Canon Law for the Diocese of Buffalo some 26 years later.

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