Dating a friends husband

If I hadn’t been having a personal, vulnerable conversation with him, could I have prevented the whole thing? Never Be Alone With the Husband Again After He Hits On You: This is key. Husband hit on me, I made sure I was never alone with him, or even with him and his wife.

But ultimately, I decided that there was absolutely nothing culpable about my behavior. Husband when his wife was out of town wasn’t a good idea. Being alone with the husband ever, ever again only gives him an idea that you either A) to be alone with him or B) That what he did was OK. I told another friend what had happened, and she made sure to always come with me when visiting their place. It’s the Husband’s Responsibility To Fix The Situation, But Never Lie: Personally, I think if you just come right out and tell the wife immediately, it puts her on the defensive and makes both people (you — her friend — and her husband) seem untrustworthy. Husband was the instigator, all parties involved (me) wear the taint of the advance (even if it was unwanted).

“Back in college, I knew a group of guys who were on their way to a Phish concert when the driver lost control of the car.

Now she’s married to Alex, and they have kids and law degrees. A few months later, the wife from one of the former couples, Judy, got together with the husband from the other, Terry.

Perhaps by coincidence, today’s Times included a story about couples who try to save troubled relationships by going on vacation together, with mixed results. (No, they did not attend each other’s weddings.) See, sometimes what begins as the ultimate betrayal turns out for the best!

For one couple, the trip ended with a spouse swap, not terribly unlike Cowell’s situation. Y, is still aghast about a last-resort cruise to the Caribbean she took in 2008 with her husband of seven years. It’s not an ideal situation, and we certainly wouldn’t condone infidelity, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility that your best friend’s lover could love you, too — or .

It wasn’t my fault, and if it happens to you it’s not your fault either. My friend had offered her place up for the day while mine was uninhabitable. Husband about some of my dating issues, asking his advice.

In retrospect, I questioned my choice of conversation.

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